Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Welcome to Our Affiliate Program!

Our Affiliate Program is designed to provide you with an opportunity to earn money by promoting our platform. This program is perfect for those who wish to maximize their earnings while sharing our passion for quality video content.

As a member of our Affiliate Program, you will receive your unique affiliate link. Every time someone clicks on your link and subscribes to our platform, you earn a commission. The commission is 30% of the subscription price.

It's important to note that you need at least four users to subscribe via your link in order to cover the costs of your subscription. This is a great way to not only cover your costs but also earn additional money.

The minimum amount for raising funds is $70, but there is no limit to the maximum amount. This means that the more people you attract to our platform, the more you can earn.

Our Affiliate Program is an opportunity to earn money while helping others discover our platform. Join us today and start earning your income!